Felix who is the founder together with his wife Rebecca are both having a background of deep poverty, they were both poor and were once vulnerable if it wasn't the hand of some few good friends and sponsors that came to their rescue so that they would attain a descent education.
Felix lost his dad at a very young age and he had other four siblings who were left in the hands of their caring grand mum that also had a burden of other cousins that were under her full care. The granny did her best with the help of the uncles and aunties but still he could not have made it to school. To confirm this, none of Felix’s siblings were able to study to high institutions of learning even when they would have wanted to.
It was when a man from Australia came to the rescue of this young man as a sponsor. This sponsor ensured that Felix actually went to a better school where he funded all his school dues, scholastic materials among other necessities that Felix was able to get a good foundation for his future.
Felix actually went through several hands of caring and loving people that nurtured him and supported him in several aspects to be whom and what he is now.
Talking of Felix now; he is a married man to Rebecca Lwanga with whom the couple has two healthy kids; a girl (Zuriel Crystal Atugasa) and a boy (Zadok Theophilus Mugaga), he is a director and founder of a local fast-growing business consultancy company called Innovate Maxima International Limited, he is a lecturer at one of the professional institution i.e Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC)-Nakawa, he is a board member at various organizations where he gives technical advice and he is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of this foundation.
Having had all this support, the founder thought it right to do the same to other children and young people of the same status as he was in so as to bring tangible and lasting results of the desired future and the only way he could do this was by him establishing an entity through which these kinds of people can be assisted. That is the reason behind The Gift Kids Foundation where we believe that we are a foundation of possibilities.


The Gift Kids Foundation has a fully constituted, functional, reliable and devoted Board of Trustees working in three Sub-Committees-:


  • 1. Mr. Sebastian Alwright (Chairperson)
  • 2. Mr. Felix Gift Lwanga
  • 3. Mr. Ronald Kibedi Ssimbwa


  • 1. Ms. Daisy Bwambale (Chairperson)
  • 2. Mrs. Victoria Masika
  • 3. Mr. Charles Tumwebaze


  • 1. Mr. Vanon Andrew Masika (Chairperson)
  • 2. Mrs. Rebecca Biryeri Lwanga
  • 3. Mrs. Pia Tumwebaze


BOARD SECRETARY: Rebecca Biryeri Lwanga.


The organization has a team of loving, caring, skilled and determined team of staff and all these have experienced need and poverty in their lives but have successfully made it with help from other people. We feel that we have what it takes to bring change in the lives of the children within our reach.

  • Felix Gift Lwanga (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Rebecca Biryeri Lwanga (Programs Director)
  • Lillian Kisobole Imma (Partnerships Coordinator)
  • Daisy Bwambale (Treasury and Accounts)


We have deliberately put our focus on a few talented, highly potential and focused children who are needy, vulnerable and desperate for support.

This includes mainly children between ages of 3 to 17 years of age but special consideration given to the poor below or above the target age group.


The Gift Kids Foundation’s main reason for existence is to ensure that the category of children in our focus and reach are fully catered for in as far as meeting their various needs that is to say-;education, health, safety and general welfare.


We carry out a needs assessment of the various needy and vulnerable children and youth who meet in our communities and those brought to us to ensure that we are actually providing support to those that really need it and can’t find this kind of support elsewhere.

We go ahead to do background checks of the affected children and youth through interactions, investigations and interviews with various stakeholders.

We do all the above by reaching out to education institutions, religious institutions and community groups, guardians and parents of the target groups of children but we also extend and give support to those who are homeless and parent-less. We don’t intend to have any institutionalized homes i.e. orphanages and children homes but we will endeavor to provide care and also find families to take care of those parent-less and homeless children and youth.

We then take on full responsibility of those few that the organization is fully able to support in all areas of their need. We therefore nature, love, train, challenge and envision them for greater achievements in life.

We also have programs intended to have the families or caretakers of our beneficiaries move from one level of vulnerability and dependency on our support through having cohorts of development strategies as we continue to work with these families and caretakers. This is done through community driven development initiatives using the two generations approach to development using the visionary and creative process. We shall then look for funding for projects thought and analyzed to ensure that the family or caretakers in a given cohort participate to bring about change in their homes and be able to support other members of their families and community.


The Gift Kids Foundation continues to welcome all manner of support that is to say;

- Physical donation of clothes, shoes, beddings, mosquito nets, food, medication and educational materials.

- We also invite monetary/financial support geared towards school fees, special gifts for children we support, administration costs and other projects that can enable sustainability of the organization.

- We welcome grant givers that focus on the various projects we aim to have, that is to say;-trainings, reproductive and maternal health, acquisition of land and construction of permanent structures for the organization.

- We are also planning several income generating projects in agriculture that is to say tree planting, fruit growing, livestock and poultry.

- We aim at hosting volunteers who especially are skilled and technical in pushing the organization forward and in loving and nurturing our children..

Thank you for your kindness dear staff plus volunteers